• Senior Matters...

    ...because seniors matter

  • Welcome to Senior Matters

    Senior Matters is a non-profit corporation that serves seniors
    in Carbondale and the Roaring Fork Valley

    The folks in Carbondale realized that there were many offerings for our youth and other age groups, but there was no specific organization offering activities for seniors. Thanks to the efforts of Virginia "gina" Sterrett, and many others. Senior Matters was formed in 2006.

    This website is for you to use to find out just what Senior Matters is accomplishing with seniors here in the valley.

  • Who We Are

    Senior Matters is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation that is dedicated to the improvement of quality of life for seniors in the mountain town of Carbondale and the surrounding communities of the Roaring Fork and Crystal River valleys.

    We work with local and state governments, such as Garfield County Human Services and the Alpine Area Agency on Aging. We are recognized as a senior citizen caregiver for our region.

    Senior Matters is supported by grants, donations and fundraisers. Our non-profit raises money by hosting a refreshment booth serving snow cones and other treats at the weekly summer Carbondale Wild West Rodeo, Carbondale's Dandelion Days in May, Carbondale's Potato Days in October and annual fundraising campaigns.

    We always need volunteers to help with these enjoyable activities or our other programs. We celebrate and honor our volunteers in volunteers in the Spring with a Hors d’oeuvres social.

    Our Mission is to:

    Foster diverse educational and social programs for seniors of all ages.

  • Special People


    There are many people who have volunteered their time and energy to establish Senior Matters in Carbondale. Listed below are some of the people who have been instrumental in advancing our mission.

    Virginia "gina" Sterrett

    “gina” was the founder of Senior Matters...because seniors matter! She hosted a senior-oriented radio program on KDNK and the concept of a senior organization came to her from that involvement. gina worked effortlessly and many hours to develop an organization for seniors and find the funding for it. Senior Matters is very grateful for gina's efforts. She developed and became the first Chairperson of the organization. Virginia "gina" Sterrett left us on January 3, 2010. She will be missed by all of us.

    Diane Johnson

    Diane is Program Chairman and serves on most of the committees at Senior Matters. She has represented the organization in many arenas and is our representative for the Third Street Center Tenant Group.

    Bill Dunn

    Bill is a former restauranteur and is currently the Co-Chairperson of Senior Matters. Bill has been in and around Carbondale for years. He assists with development of programs for seniors and with grant writing.

    Beth Mohsenin

    Beth is the Treasurer for Senior Matters. Beth does a great job dedicating many hours keeping our accounts in order.

    John Hoffmann

    John is our current Chairperson and is the ex-officio Board member who represents the Carbondale Board of Trustees.

    Udelle Stuckey

    Udelle has vast experience with volunteer organizations. She has served on the Senior Matters Board in many capacities and is currently our summer secretary. Udelle keeps the Book Club alive and well at the library.

    Mildred Alsdorf

    Mildred is our Chairperson Emeritus. In her retirement, Mildred serves on the Senior Matters Board and is the Manager of the RFTA Senior Transportation program. She also serves on the Council on Aging.​

    Board Emeriti

    We are very grateful for the people that have carried us forward over the years. These are our Emeritus Board and volunteer members. These wonderful, hardworking, community oriented, people include:
    JoAnne Anderson

    Dee Blue
    Rusty Burtard
    Jan Senne
    Randy Vanderhurst
    Mary Wheeler
    Colleen Rominger

    Diane Darling

  • Contact Us

    For general questions about Senior Matters, please contact
    Diane Johnson at 970-230-2158.

    For inquiries about donations to Senior Matters specifically, please email Beth Mohsenin.

    For information about the Roaring Fork Brain Train, please contact

    Marti Barbour, (970) 319-8829, rfbt.mchf@gmail.com.

    ​520 Third Street

    ​Carbondale, CO 81623
    Mailing Address:
    Senior Matters
    P.O. Box 991
    Carbondale, CO 81623