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because seniors matter!

Senior Matters is a non-profit corporation that assists seniors in Carbondale, Colorado, and the Roaring Fork Valley.  Carbondale is located on the Western Slope of Colorado between Glenwood Springs and Aspen.

The folks in Carbondale realized that there were many offerings for our youth and other age groups, but there was no specific organization offering activities for seniors. Thanks to the efforts of Virginia "gina" Sterrett, and many others. Senior Matters was formed in 2006.

This website is for you to use to find out just what Senior Matters is accomplishing with seniors here in the valley.

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Welcome to Senior Matters.

We hope you will find us a friendly group of Carbondale citizens who are concerned about the seniors in our community.

Events and Programs!


Interesting on going and new programs at Senior Matters. Click on the header "PROGRAMS" for a list of what is currently available. Join us.

It’s winter 2015! Snow season is upon us. Senior Matters is still in full swing working with the seniors and various events to keep us busy or just have fun!  Let’s see…

This last year has brought many events to Senior Matters. We have had computer classes for beginners; Smart phones classes for those who don’t want to be out-smarted by the new Androids, IPhones and the Apps they come with; Painting with AltaPrima; Help with filling out tax forms thanks to RSVP Volunteers; Medicare Monday and one on one medicare help with RSVP. Tai Chi happens with John Norton on Mondays and Wednesdays at 9am to 10am; in the Calaway Room and Chi Gung at 11am to noon on Friday in the round room at the 3rd Street Center. Charge fee is 48.00 a mo or 8.00 drop in fee.  Tai Chi with Martin Finkelstein Tuesdays and Thursdays in rm 33 at 5:30 to 7. An Alzheimer group meets monthly and we are working on creating a day care center for two four hour days a week, the book club meets in the library 4th Wednsdays at 4pm. Last year we had a vet speak about our furry friends and dangerous foods that we may think are ok for animals.  An Officer came to speak about Fraud and Seniors and what to look for. Watch the calendar for guest speakers. If you have ideas or would like to hear a particular subject, call us, as you know, Seniors Matter!   Have a wonderful year from the staff of Senior Matters.

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