• Location

    Senior Matters is part of the Third Street Center (TSC), a non-profit center for the Carbondale community. Our home room is Room 33 of the non-profit facility. Being a member of the TSC family allows us to use the Calaway Room, the Board Room, The Round Room, the Gym and several small meeting spaces in the Third Street Center. We also do not hesitate to encourage activities at the Recreation Center, Library, Crystal Meadows, Heritage Park or anyplace where seniors are comfortable and able to attend.

    Throughout the TSC and the town of Carbondale, we work to produce a wide variety of programs for seniors. Some of the offerings include lectures, activities, computer instruction, bridge lessons, health information, writing classes, acting for seniors, painting classes, tax assistance, Medicare sign up assistance, fraud instruction, Alzheimer support, volunteering to serve children and families, selling snow cones, cakes and cookies (I know..Sugar) at the Carbondale Rodeo to raise funds, and other programs.

    We are excited about our facility, and hope you will stop by and see what is happening. Senior Matters is totally open to your suggestions for new and varied uses of this facility, so let us know what you want to happen!

    For information regarding the Third Street Center and its events, visit their calendar
    at Third Street Center.