• Special People

    There are many people who have volunteered their time and energy to establish Senior Matters in Carbondale. Listed below are some of the people who have been instrumental in advancing our mission.

  • Senior Matters Founders

    Diane Johnson

    Virginia Sterrett

    Trusted Councilors to the Founders

    Mildred Alsdorf

    Rusty Burtand

    Judy Martin

    Beth Mohsenin

    Mary Wheeler

    Current Board Members

    Mildred Alsdorf

    Bill Dunn

    John Hoffmann

    Diane Johnson

    Ron Kokish

    Beth Mohsenin

    Udelle Stuckey

    Marty Silverstein

    Lani Kitching

    Wendy and Al Draina

    Sue Zislis

    Ted Zizlis

    CA-FCI Activists

    Judith Blanchard

    Larry Bogatz

    Donna Davis

    Niki Delson

    Ron Kokish

    Mable McDonald

    Nancy Peterson

    Judy Schmidt

    Frank Sgambati

    Nicholette Toussaint

    Carbondale Trustee Liaisons

    John Hoffmann

    Lani Kitching

    Marty Silverstein

    Pam Zentmyer


    JoAnne Anderson – Board, Publicist

    Dee Blue – Board, Volunteer Podiatrist organizer
    Sheryl Bogatz

    Janet Carney – Volunteer

    Diane Darling – Board, Brain Train

    Ann Sammuelsson – Food for Thought

    Mary Wheeler – Board, Publicist

    Volunteers Past and Present

    JoAnne Anderson

    Judy Benson

    Cheryl Cain

    Janet Carney

    Scott Cuestas

    Sherry Davenport

    Sheila and Bill Duke

    Jim Engle

    Kathy Enman

    Judi Fitsimmons

    Andrea Garr

    Elizabeth Gauger

    Linda and Mark Giesecke

    Kristie Goodhard

    Wendy Hayden

    Stephanie Janiga

    Paulette Johnston

    Majid Kahhak

    Stan Kleban

    Bill Knapp

    Elisabeth Knittle

    Judy Leach

    Emmy Lerma

    Carla Lewis

    Muriel Lewis

    Roberta Lewis

    Laurie Loeb

    Sarah Lucy

    Lisa Marquis

    Gail Mathieson

    Judy Milne

    Paul Muldoon

    Jerilyn Nieslanik

    Marcia Provost

    Colleen Rominger

    April Spaulding

    Diane Stine

    Debbie Sutherland

    Diane Welter

    Rebecca Young

  • Sponsors and Supporters